What a year 2006 has been! Many wonderful moments and memories made. Thank you for being a part of our year and a part of our lives! We look forward to many more moments and memories in 2007 with each of you. Happy New Year!
December 26-30, 2006
Christmas and New Years in Galt

Christmas in Galt and a wonderful time skiing at Kirkwood. Also a big announcement by Kirk and Lindsey.  They are engaged.

December 21-26, 2006
Christmas in Quincy, IL

A wonderful Christmas in with Tara's family in Quincy, IL.

December 17, 2006
The Nutcracker Ballet, San Francisco with Dad and Daniel

Roland and Daniel came to Redwood City to spend early Christmas with us.  We went to Nutcracker Ballet in the city courtesy of a white limo.

November 22-26, 2006
Thanksgiving at Zac and Bonnie's

Thanksgiving was spent at Zac and Bonnie's.  We also visited Chad, Kelly and Keira.

November 3-11, 2006
VMware VMworld 2006, Los Angeles and Carley's Baptism

Many long nights at the Los Angeles Convention Center running network cable and setting up registration for the VMware VMworld 2006 event.  Christian stayed at the Wilshire Grand Hotel.  Tara drove down to visit the last few days. Kirk and Lindsey came over for a night to visit as well.  After the event was over we went to see Carley's baptism in Loma Linda.

October 18-27, 2006
Oracle OpenWorld 2006, San Francisco

Oracle OpenWorld was another big event this year with a concert by Elton John and Joan Jett.  We stayed at the Hotel Nikko near Union Square.  The last night of the event we took Gary, Janet and Grandma Gail to see Chicago with Huey Lewis.

October 13, 2006
Christian's 28th Birthday

Christian celebrates his 28th birthday in Burlingame at one of his favorite Italian restaurants.

October 7, 2006
Fleet Week, San Francisco

Janet and Gary came to visit us for a beautiful day in San Francisco to watch the Blue Angels for the annual Fleet Week.

Sep 29 - Oct 5, 2006
Intercontinental Hotel Group, Toronto

The IHG event in Toronto was more like a vacation for Christian than work.  Christian and Tara flew out together a day early so they could enjoy some of the sites in Toronto.  They stayed in the beautiful Fairmont Royal York Hotel and visited a few sites.  Tara ran a race one morning while Christian was working.  The last night of the event Christian went to see the season opener for ther Toronto Maple Leafs.

Sept 22-24, 2006
Intel Developer Forum Fall, San Francisco

Christian works IDF Fall event at Moscone Center.  Tara comes too and enjoy's a few days in San Franciso at the Grand Hyatt Union Square.

September 10-14, 2006
Sun Network Computing 06, New York

Christian in New York on Sept 11, 2006 for the Sun Network Computing event.  On September 11 Christian went to visit Ground Zero for the 5 year anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks.  It was an amazing site to see.  Tara wasn't able to fly out this trip.  Christian stayed at The Roosevelt Hotel.

September 5-8, 2006
Sun Tech Days, Seattle

Christian goes to Seattle for Sun Tech Days event.  The Inn at Queen Anne was a very interesting hotel to say the least.

August 26, 2006
Boating on the Delta

A day of skiing and boating out on the Delta.

August 12-19, 2006
Cisco Global Sales, Las Vegas

Cisco Global Sales was another huge event this year in Las Vegas. Tara visited for several days and was able to enjoy the room at THEhotel.  Bill Clinton spoke as well as Lance Armstrong.

August 2-3, 2006 Our Three Year Anniversary, Capitola

To celebrate our three-year anniversary, Christian kidnapped me and took me to the coast to the little town of Capitola. Capitola is a favorite beach down of ours that Christian has been visiting since he was very young. We stayed in a quaint little hotel that was right on the beach. For dinner, Christian made reservations at Shadowbrook, a wonderful restaurant near-by. We had a very tasty dinner and enjoyed an evening stroll around town before heading back to the hotel.

July 23-24, 2006 Danny and Diane's, Lake Tulloch

This summer we took a trip up to Lake Tulloch, near Sonora, to visit Uncle Danny, Aunt Diane and cousins Erik and Heather. We spent a fun couple of days out on the boat. During this time both of us learned how to surf behind a boat which helped a great deal in teaching Tara how to wakeboard! Heather was the perfect instructor when it came to wakeboarding. She’s a pro!

July 13-15, 2006 Weekend with Keira, Huntington Beach

Our weekend with Keira was truly that. It was Chad and Kelly’s one year anniversary weekend, so Christian and I volunteered go take care of Keira while they had some time to themselves to celebrate. We spent as much time with her as we could for the couple days we were in Southern California. Keira also came with us to the Anderson Family picnic and got to meet lots of Anderson relatives!

July 2-7, 2006 4th of July, Quincy, IL

For the 4th of July I was able to be fly home to be with my family as we bid farewell to my brother, Kurt, who was heading to Iraq. It was a bittersweet time for all of us. Grandpa Russell and Granny Ann came as well as Uncle Randy and Aunt Linda. Kurt will be home for two weeks during Christmas, which we all are looking forward to!

June 26-June 30, 2006 Houseboat trip on the Delta

After the wedding weekend the fun continued when we loaded up the houseboat and headed out on the Delta. We were a group of six with Gary, Janet, Kirk, Brandon (Abby’s daughter), Tara and me. It was a relaxing and memorable time for all of us. We’re looking forward to doing it again next summer!

June 24-25, 2006 Brandi and Michael's Wedding, Fresno

On June 25th I had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid in my friend Brandi’s wedding to Michael Aiken. The wedding took place in Fresno, which gave me and another friend, Andrea, the chance to have a road trip together. It was a beautiful wedding and lots of fun!

June 15-23, 2006 Oracle Sales Conference, Las Vegas

Just as I finished with school for the year we headed off to the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for eight days for a conference Christian had. Roland, Daniel and Kirk came to visit for a few days over the weekend; which was very enjoyable for me to have some company. Christian stayed busy during the day, but was able to join us for dinner a couple nights. It was a wonderful way to bring on the summer!

May 21, 2006 Moving Day, Baldwin to Hudson

Yes, once again we packed our belongings and moved this time to a different city and zip code. We are now living in Redwood City, less than 10 minutes from work for both of us. It is a smaller but cozy apartment right across from a nice park and YMCA where we are now members. We are getting more and more settled, trying to make it as “homey” as possible.

April 23, 2006 Woodside Art Show

Every year for one weekend a Woodside estate is opened to the public to view local artists work as well as the collection of the owners. We were joined by Janet and Gary and had a lovely picnic in the parking lot of a local college before heading over for the afternoon.

April 8-16, 2006

Russell Family Reunion, Huntington Beach

The much-anticipated week of spring break brought mom and dad Russell along with Kurt and Bret out to southern California. We were blessed to be able to stay at Roland and Daniel’s house for the week as they were in Europe. This week was our opportunity to meet the newest addition to the Russell family, Keira Aisling. She is beautiful and we spent the whole week soaking up every minute we could with her. It was a wonderful time to be together as a family!

April 1-2, 2006 Commitment Celebration, San Francisco

In April we joined in celebrating Roland and Daniel’s commitment ceremony held in San Francisco. We spent a beautiful weekend in the city with family.

March 19, 2006 Skiing at Kirkwood

This turned out to be our last ski trip of the season. We were lucky to be joined by Kirk and Lindsey, and at the last moment Janet decided to come too! Tara was far more confident and continued to be even after she took a bad spill! It was a beautiful day in Kirkwood!

March 5-7, 2006 Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco

We stayed at the Hyatt at Union Square for this show. Lucky for both of us that the show was in San Francisco so that Tara could stay there and commute to school each day. While we were there we had a fun visit from Janet and Auntie Pam.

February 25-March 2, 2006 Texas Instruments Developer Conf., Dallas

Unfortunately, Christian had to leave right after the surgery took place. He headed to Dallas for the Texas Instruments Developer Conference. Although a little nervous, I made it through his absence, and I was incredibly grateful to have him home again!

February 24, 2006 Tara's Lasik Surgery

At the end of February Tara’s much anticipated LASIK surgery took place. All went well and she is very excited about her “new” eyes.

February 11-12, 2006 Aunt Shirley and Ted Utt Wedding

In February we were so happy to attend the wedding of Tara’s Aunt Shirley to Ted Utt. The wedding took place in the chapel at PUC and was attended by many friends and family members. It was a beautiful wedding and a fun time to catch up with everyone.

January 29-Feb. 1, 2006 Sun SAS 2006, San Francisco

While Christian was busy at work, I got to enjoy the hotel room at the St. Regis in San Francisco. It was is in a great location, close to Moscone center (which is where Christian spent most of his time) as well as Union Square and Embaradero.