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What a year 2008 has been! Many wonderful moments and memories made. Thank you for being a part of our year and a part of our lives! We look forward to many more moments and memories in 2009 with each of you. Happy New Year!
December 26-31, 2009
New Years Eve with Kirk and Lindsey

Kirk and Lindsey came to visit us for New Years this year!  While they were here we toured downtown Portland on a pub crawl.

December 22-27, 2008
Christmas in Huntington Beach and Quincy, IL

Our Christmas vacation was quite an adventure this year!  With winter storms closing the airport, we were very lucky to get on the last flight out of Portland en route to LAX.  We weren't supposed to fly there, but we were desperate to get a flight out after our flight had been canceled.  We spent the night in Huntington Beach and were able to celebrate with Roland and Daniel and then flew out to St. Louis the following morning.  We had a wonderful time in Quincy with Tara's family.  The most memorable part being that we were finally able to reveal our big secret, we are expecting!!  We are due July 29, 2009 and couldn't be more excited!! 

December 11-14, 2008
Roland and Daniel Visit

We had a wonderful long weekend with Christian's dad and Daniel visiting.  They came in the midst of a winter storm that left our neighborhood a winter wonderland!  It was beautiful!  Tara lucked out and got to stay home for a full week of snow days!

December 7, 2008
Christmas at Our House

A few photos from our Christmas celebration in our new home.

November 26-30, 2008
Thanksgiving in Camarillo

We flew to Southern California to spend a long weekend with our family.  We got to take our niece, Keira, to Disneyland and were joined by Christian's dad and Daniel.  We even hosted Keira for her first overnight!  What fun!  Thanksgiving Day was spent at Uncle Mike and Aunt Susie's.  It was a special weekend and little did the rest of the family know, we had a special secret soon to be revealed!

November 6-8, 2008
Andrea's Visit and the Roof Collapses
Our good friend, Andrea, flew up to visit us for the weekend.  We had a wonderful time together even with one unfortunate event...the roof collapsed!  There were big storms all weekend and apparently we had a hole in the roof.  Unbeknownst to us, water had been collecting in the attic and on Saturday night the roof in the guest room collapsed!  It was quite a scene!
October 31, 2008
Halloween with Brandon

Our niece, Brandon, joined us for Halloween this year.  We had a ton of fun dressing up with her and taking her trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.

October/November, 2008
Fall at Our New Home

The fall colors around our neighborhood were extraordinary!  We raked over 150 gallons of leaves in our front yard!

October 20, 2008
Happy 30th Birthday, Christian!

Grandma Gail and Janet were able to fly up for Christian's birthday weekend.  We were so happy to have them both here to celebrate with us. 

September 26-28, 2008
Kirk and Lindsey Visit

We were so excited for Kirk and Lindsey to come up and visit us.  We had a wonderful weekend together relaxing at home and hiking at Multnomah Falls.

September 21-25, 2008
Oracle OpenWorld 2008, San Francisco

Christian's last onsite assignment was to Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco.  He was there for the week and Tara flew in for the weekend.  It was a funfilled weekend for Tara with Janet and some girlfriends going out to dinner together.  She also got to go to the 49er game on Sunday afternoon before heading back to Portland.

August 16, 2008
A Visit to Beacon Rock and Multnomah Falls

After dropping mom and dad off at the airport, Christian and I decided to go on a tour of the Colombia River Gorge.  As we were driving on the Washington side we came to Beacon Rock State Park and decided to pull over and hike up.  It was a beautiful morning and there were just a handful of people hiking that early.  The view from the top was amazing!  We continued on, crossed over to the Oregon side at The Bridge of the Gods, and stopped at Multnomah Falls.  Christian had not been able to go when Tara went with her parents.  We decided to get out and hike to the top of the Falls as well.  A wonderful way to spend our day!

August 12-16, 2008
Mom and Dad Russell Visit Portland
We were so lucky to be able to have Tara's parents, Gary and Diane, visit us for a week.  They were a huge help in getting us all settled in and making us feel at home.  It wasn't all work, however.  We took some time out to tour around the Portland area.  Christian had to work but Tara went with them to Multnomah Falls and Mt. Hood.  
August 8, 2008
Our New Home

We arrived in Portland and to our new home.   Janet and Gary drove up with us and were a huge help in moving us in.  We love our new home and are looking forward to having lots of visitors!

August 4, 2008
Moving out of the Hudson St. Apartment

The day arrived to move out of the Hudson St. apartment in Redwood City en route to Portland, Oregon.

August 2, 2008
Girls Night Out in San Francisco

To celebrate her Master's, Tara went out with two of her girlfriends to Millennium in downtown San Francisco.

July 29, 2008
Tara Graduates with M.A. from Santa Clara University

Along with working full time, Tara decided to work on getting her Master's.  It was something she had thought about doing for a long time and decided now was the time.  She was accepted into an exceptional program at Santa Clara University and began classes in January, 2007.  She worked closely with her advisor to plan out the classes she would need to take in order to finish before August, 2008.  She worked incredibly hard and it all payed off today when she got the phone call from her professor with the news that she had passed the final exam!  And did I mention she maintained a 4.0 to the end?  Congratulations, sweetheart!!  You did it! 

Tara Anderson, M.A. Interdisciplinary Education- Reading Emphasis, Reading Credential K-12

July 4-5, 2008
Devin and Lyndsey's Wedding

This summer Tara was happy to be able to attend the wedding of her cousin, Devin.  The 4th of July wedding was absolutely beautiful, complete with fireworks as the happy couple drove away after the reception.  What a fairytale!  The following day, the family met for brunch at Lyndsey and Devin's townhouse. It was a wonderful opportunity to greet the newlyweds and spend more time together before everyone went their separate ways. I was there just over 24 hours before it was time to head back. I'm so glad I was able to go. It was a beautiful, memorable weekend.

June 16-22, 2008
Big Sur Vacation

After our trip down to Huntington Beach we traveled back up the coast with a visit to Camarillo to see Uncle Mike, Aunt Susie, Grandma Gail, Zach and Bonnie.  We were on our way to Big Sur, where we would spend the next week.  One of Tara's families was so generous in allowing us to stay at their home and we were so excited!  The drive up was breathtaking and our vacation could not have been more perfect!  We spent our time relaxing, sunbathing, taking long walks, visiting the quaint little town of Big Sur, and eating delicious food at nearby cafes and restaurants.  The unfortunate part happened just at the end of our vacation when a lightening strike started several fires around the area.  The home where we stayed was unharmed, but several others around were not so lucky.

June 14-15, 2008
Christian's Surprise 30th Birthday in Huntington Beach

The day after school got out we headed to Huntington Beach to spend Father's Day with Roland.  Little did Christian know, it was also to celebrate his 30th birthday with a surprise party on the beach.  Tara and Danielle had been planning a celebration for Christian, whose birthday is in October, and his cousin, Andy, whose birthday is in February.  The surprise was a success and the party was perfect, albeit a bit windy!

June 13, 2008
Tara's Last Day at Woodside Elementary

Today was a very sad day for Tara as she said good-bye to her co-workers, students, families, and dear friends.  The day was full of fun and games and, of course, dancing!  To end the day the kindergartners and teachers performed "The Chicken Dance" for all the parents and visitors.

June 11, 2008
A Ride in the Fastest Electric Car

Ian Wright, founder of Wrightspeed,has built a 1,536-pound, 300-hp electric prototype, the X1, with a 0 to 60 of three seconds. It has a 100-mile range and recharges in under five hours.  One afternoon we both had the opportunity to go for a ride with Ian in this incredible car.  What a thrill!

June 8-10, 2008
Oracle Sales 2008- Las Vegas

Christian was called onsite again, this time to Las Vegas.  He stayed at Mandalay Bay.

May 24-30, 2008
Gary visits Redwood City

On our way back from Loma Linda we picked up Tara's dad, Gary, who had flown in a few days prior.  He made the drive back to Redwood City to spend the week with us.  We had a fun week taking him to different places around the area like Alice's Restaurant, Half Moon Bay, and Sawyer Camp Trail.  The week was over far too soon, but we had a wonderful time!

May 25, 2008
Kirk Graduates from Loma Linda Medical School

For Memorial Day Weekend we headed down to Loma Linda to celebrate Kirk's graduation.  He is now on his way to a six year residency in Urology at Loma Linda.  Congrats, Kirk!

May 19, 2008
San Francisco Bay to Breakers

For the past few years it has been a tradition for us to run the SF Bay to Breakers and we've been joined by Tara's friend, Andrea, as well.  This year was just as fun as years past.  The weather was beautiful and we had a great time running and people watching!

May 18, 2008
Woodside Elementary School's Grand Auction

Each year WES Foundation hosts the Grand Auction.  This year the theme was "Roaring 20's!"  Who wouldn't be excited about that?!  Tara's friend, Andrea, happened to have a dress that fit perfectly and Christian was able to find his outfit at a nearby shop.  As ticket collectors, the kindergarten team got to be front and center as everyone arrived.  It was so fun to see the creativity in the costumes that were chosen.  It was a very fun night!

May 10-12, 2008
Tamee and Jason's Portland Farewell Party

About a month ago, we decided for certain that we would be relocating to Portland Oregon.  While we were sad to be leaving the Bay Area, our decision came with the blessing of reconnecting with Tara's cousin, Tamee, and her husband, Jason.  The sad part about that, however, is that Tamee and Jason were getting ready to move from Portland to Tennessee.  Not exactly good timing on our part.  We were happy to be able to visit them a couple times while they were still in Portland and grateful for their time and generosity! 

May 8, 2008
Happy 29th Birthday, Tara!

Tara's birthday week was spent at the Marriott in San Francisco.  Christian was onsite again for Sun JavaOne.  After having a mini-celebration at the Cliff House with some friends, Christian took Tara to a wonderful all vegetarian restaurant called Millennium.  It was by far the most delicious vegetarian food we have ever experienced!  Be sure to visit the next time you are in San Francisco, it's worth it!

April 5-13, 2008
Cisco Partner Summit 2008- Oahu, Hawaii

Tara lucked out once again as she was able to join Christian onsite, this time to Hawaii!  It happened to be the exact dates of her Spring Break and enabled her to spend the week on the beach while Christian was working at the Convention Center.  We were able to spend most all of our evenings together, however.  The most memorable part of the trip came toward the end.  One of Christian's co-workers had a friend who led out on shark excursions.  He invited us and several others to go along.  It truly was frightening and thrilling at the same time as we jumped into the shark tank and watched as the Galapagos sharks swam around us and beat against the bars.  These sharks can be as large as 10 feet!  What a trip! 

March 28-30, 2008
Napa Valley Getaway

Kirk and Lindsey were on a mini-vacation to the Napa Valley and talked us in to joining them.  Each couple had a private cottage in Calistoga where we were served fresh baked scones for breakfast.  It was a darling place and highly recommended if you are ever in the area.  We had a delicious dinner together and spent the following day touring the Napa Valley ending with our ride back to Redwood City.  The weekend didn't stop there!  We took Kirk and Lindsey to a near-by park for a barbeque and we were also visited by Janet and our neice, Brandon.

February 23, 2008
Celebrating Keira's 2nd Birthday

Auntie Tara didn't quite make it on Keira's actual birthday, so we celebrated a week late.  We had the best time playing in the park, visiting Disneyland, and of course opening presents!!

February 18-23, 2008
VM World 2008- Cannes, France

The next onsite assignment for Christian was to Cannes, France for VM World.  He had been there several times before, but this time it worked out for Tara to go too.  The dates just happened to fall during her school's annual "Ski Week" vacation.  The weather was beautiful the entire time and Tara enjoyed touring Cannes as well as nearby towns.  Christian was able to sneak away and join Tara on excursions around Cannes as well as to Nice and Monacco.

February 12, 2008
Skiing at Kirkwood

We headed up to Kirkwood for a day of skiing in the fresh fallen snow.

January 17-25, 2008
Cisco Networkers 2008 -Barcelona, Spain

Christian was asked to go onsite for Cisco Networkers this year and Tara was lucky enough to be able to go too!  We spent a little bit of time together enjoying Las Ramblas and yummy Spanish cuisine.  While Christian was working Tara spent the few days she was there brushing up on her Spanish conversation skills as she toured around the city.

January 8, 2008
49er Game with Dean and Candy Hadley

We had the opportunity to join Dean and Candy at the 49er home game.  It was so much fun, we've decided it should be a yearly tradition!