Tara Nicole Russell was born in Avon Park, FL on May 8, 1979. Upon arrival, she was welcomed home by her parents and two older brothers Chad and Kurt. When she was about two the family moved to Gary and Diane’s home state of Michigan. When Tara was seven and living in Traverse City, there was a new addition to the family, Bret.

Tara was in third grade when the family moved to Dowagiac, Michigan. She spent the next five years of her education in the red two roomed elementary school in the tiny town of Glenwood . During those years she enjoyed studying, goofing off with her friends Katie, Tina, and Lisa, writing numerous letters to all her pen pals, participating in the local pathfinder group, paper routes, summers at Camp Au Sable, and visits to Grandpa and Grandma Rendel’s house.

When Tara was 13 and just graduating from 8th grade the most significant change in her life occurred. In June of 1993 she and her family moved from small town Michigan to the heart of Southern California. The shock was overwhelming and Tara vowed the second she was able, that she would move back “Home.” She has yet to do that! The next two years were spent at San Gabriel Academy and an Adventist day camp during the summer. At the end of her Sophomore year she and brother Kurt decided to attend the local public high school. The decision was a good one. They attended their first Homecoming where Kurt was nominated Prince, and Prom where Tara was crowned Princess. Tara has fond memories of Duarte High. She always had the best time skipping classes with Ray and chasing ambulances and other automobiles with Wendy who remain her very dear friends.

After graduating from high school in June of 1997, Tara headed up to PUC with her Uncle John and Aunt Shirley. After school started it wasn’t long before she was making friends and finding various ways to fill up her social calendar. Though not searching for a “significant other” the unexpected happened one afternoon while sitting in the cafeteria and chatting with a friend. They were interrupted by Christian Anderson, who sat down and introduced himself. Though intrigued, Tara did not see Christian again until the following Sabbath at church. He was accompanied by his friend Sushil. Together, they approached Tara and friend Tamara after church inquiring if the ladies would be interested in seeing a movie that evening. Delightedly the girls said “yes” and spent the afternoon primping and pawing thru closets to find the perfect outfit. When the time came, the four piled into Christian’s 1966 Mustang and headed to Napa. The movie was fun and Tara decided that any guy who would buy her a $10 bag of candy was worth a second chance. So when Christian asked if he could take her out again, she said “yes!”

It wasn’t too long into the school year when, after a late (all) night conversation, Tara and Christian decided to make it official and became boyfriend and girlfriend. During the next five years they made many memories and took several trips to San Francisco, Lodi/Galt, Florida, southern California, Illinois, Michigan, and Europe. Their relationship was tested when Tara decided to spend a summer in Spain, again when Christian decided to spend a quarter in London, and still again when Tara left for a year in Spain and Christian another quarter in London. However, time and love brought them back together. After graduating from PUC with a B.A. in Education in June 2002, Tara accepted a position to teach Kindergarten at St. Helena Primary School. She now has 21 students and is enjoying her job immensly. She is still living in Angwin and eagerly awaiting August 3, 2003 when her father will pronounce her Mrs. Christian Anderson.