Christian Anderson was born in Corona, CA on Oct. 20, 1978. After his 1st birthday he moved to Sonora, CA. It was there that brother Kirk was born on May 26, 1981. During Christian's 3rd grade year he moved to Lodi, CA where he attended Lodi Elementary School and later Lodi Academy.

Christian has many fond memories of Lodi Academy where most of his time was spent hanging out with friends, Sushil, Kevin, Chuck, Dana, Keith, Matt, Chester and many others in his class. Any time he wasn't out cruising the streets of Lodi with his friends he could be found in the shop restoring his 1966 Mustang.

After graduating from Lodi Academy in 1997 Christian moved into the dorms at Pacific Union College where he would study Digital Media Technology. It didn't take long (2 weeks) before Christian met Tara. It was during one evening in the cafeteria when Christian spotted this beautiful girl talking with one of his friends. He sat down, introduced himself and a few minutes later had a date for Saturday night. Not only did he get a date for himself but also for his good friend Sushil who was coming up to visit for the weekend. One of Tara's friends would complete the double date.

When the evening came, the four of them piled into Christian's Mustang and headed to Napa for a movie. The date went so well, Christian and Tara decided to go out again the next night. After their 2nd date, as Christian was dropping Tara off at her dorm one of her favorite songs came on the radio. While listening to the music Christian asked if he could kiss her goodnight. Knowing better than to wait for an answer, he leaned over and gave Tara her goodnight kiss.

After a few more dates and several late night talks, Christian and Tara decided to make it official, they were now "boyfriend" and "girlfriend". The next few years were filled with fun times getting to know each other. Many of these times were spent touring San Francisco and the Napa Valley and taking several trips together to various locations. They also spent many a school night studying together in the lobby of Winning Hall or the basement of the library.

During his Junior year of college Christian, along with his cousin Erik and friend Paul, decided to try something different and study for a quarter in London. Time passed quickly and before he knew it he was back at PUC. Christian and Tara were back together but it wasn't long before they both decided to go abroad again. Tara was heading to Spain for a year this time and Christian would be spending another quarter in London; this time with his cousin Andy. It was a long 10 months but Tara returned just in time to be with Christian as he graduated from PUC in June of 2001.

Immediatly following graduation Christian was offered a position at PUC to teach in the Digital Media Department half time and to work on PUC's website half time. It was a perfect job that allowed Christian to spend another year at PUC with Tara while she finished her B.A. in Education.

After Tara's graduation, Christian decided it was time to move on and began looking for a position outside of Angwin. He took time off from his search to travel Europe again with Kirk and Justin. It was during this trip he made a stop in Amsterdam to purchase the perfect diamond he would later give Tara when he proposed. After completing several contract assignments, including one that sent him to Copenhagen, Denmark, Christian was offered a full time position as a Database Engineer/Web Designer for Conference Planners. He is currently living in San Mateo and anxiously awaiting his wedding day and the honeymoon in Hawaii!